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In the context of a world view the arrangement of the stars often provides context, historically and astrologically.  As systems of medicine and science have differed throughout times and location from age to age.

Astrology has many stories attached to the arrangement of stars and the many constellations taken from those stories.

The birth of many great and Nobel people have been foreseen and Heralded as, “Yet To Come”,  as predicted by the arrangement of the stars.

This science of mind is called prophecy and is not to be confuses with poetry, or stories set to music. The inherent nature of all change is determined and predictable….



Hemispheric medicine is the results of studies designed to reveal the probable impact of health related illnesses associated with imbalance in the respiratory and digestive systems.

The aim of which is to induce natural balance regulating appropriate levels of tolerance throughout the cellular life of all the bodies systems. The founding principles governing this explanation stem from the introduction of tetra-grammic sets, as the body types and temperance molds.




The inherent nature of all change is determined, predictable and historical.

Try Nisilobaid for preventative health

Are you struggling with weight problems?

Do you have allergies?

Are digestive problems interfering with your life? Nisilobaid will help with the following:

  1. Excess weight occurs whenever there is an imbalance in your body Nisilobaid a builds a bridge between all of the flesh organs and the bone marrow to create balance
  2. Nisilobaid cleanses the blood and nourishes the body.
  3. Improve respiration as Nisilobaid reapportions the mucus in the sinus cavities nasal passages and the intestinal tract.
  4. Creates an acid balanced in the stomach as a capsules into your digestive system alleviating digestive problems.

Health In a Capsule

Testimonial #1 I used the herb, I felt like I was coming down with a cold. I didn’t have any store brand cold medicine but I did have some Nisilobaid. I decided to try it and took 3 Nisilobaid capsules. A few hours later, in the middle of the night, I began to get more symptoms of the cold. I was able to get back to sleep. When I woke up, the symptoms were gone. What I noticed is that the herb brought out the cold instead of suppressing it. I feel that if I hadn’’t taken the 3 Nisilobaid capsules for my cold, I would have suffered more symptoms and for a longer period of time. Rather than using a store brand cold medicine with ingredients that I don‘’t understand and can‘t pronounce, I used Nisilobaid, which uses natural herbs. And I saved myself some money. I recommend everyone try it and see what it does for them.

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